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    Course and General information
Course Number Course Section
Course Name Course Description
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      II. Evaluate your Instructor's Performance below:

     Information given about course objectives
     Information given about assignments,
     schedules, grading evaluation
     Fairness of evaluating and grading procedures
     Helpfulness of instructional materials
     in understanding subject matter
     Instructor Knowledge of subject matter
     Instructor's preparation and planning
     Ability of instructor to arouse interest
     and stimulate thinking
    Ability of instructor to hold interest
    during classes
     Presentation of subject matter
    (organization, clarity, etc)
     Effectiveness of homework assignments
     Instructor's speech delivery in classroom
     Student motivation to ask questions, express ideas, etc.
     Class attendance of instructor
     Punctuality of instructor
     Return of Assignments within reasonable period
     Opportunity to arrange conference with instructor
     Willingness to help students
      Instructor's sensitivity to differing opinions
      Overall attitude to students and their needs
      All aspects considered, overall teaching effectiveness
      What letter grade do you expect in this course ?
       How many classes have you missed this semester ?




(We appreciate your thoughtful response to each item)